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Schrijftip 7: Sophie Kinsella's tips! (1)

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De meesten van jullie zullen vast bekend zijn met de bestseller-schrijfster Sophie Kinsella, onder andere bekend van de Shopaholic! serie. Al zijn dit niet haar enige titels: ze heeft ook een heleboel andere bekende en minder bekende chicklit boeken uitgegeven, waaronder een aantal onder haar ware naam Madeleine Wickham.

Ze heeft haar top 10 tips voor het schrijven van een bestseller gedeeld! In deze blog zullen we de eerste 3 hiervan met jullie delen.

"1. Always carry a notebook

Carry a notebook everywhere and write down everything that springs to mind, even if it doesn't seem relevant at the time. You can do a lot with a passing thought or a little bit of overheard dialogue.

Get into the habit of looking at life like a writer and writing it all down. Don't worry about what "it" is going to be yet, just write it down as a habit. Because then, when you do have your big idea and want to write a book, you'll already be used to that process and have material to work with.

2. Think "what if" and read

Start to see the world in a "what if" way and keep your possibilities for a story. Teach yourself to take a tiny little nugget of substance and extrapolate and tease it out into something else, have fun with it and see the potential.

It can seem tiny and insignificant but if you can sense the grain of a story there and keep your mind open to those possibilities, you will constantly come up with new ideas.

Reading is vital if you want to be a writer, it's essential. I've been a bookworm ever since I was a child, I was the type who would read a cereal packet over and over rather than make conversation at breakfast!

3. Write the book that you want to read

People often think that they should write to please someone else, whether it is to please the audience, or critics, or a readership. My instinct has always said that you can't second guess anybody else.

Sophie Kinsella

What you can do, is think if you were a reader, what would you want to read? One way to visualise that is to go into a shop and imagine the book that would make you want to grab it off the shelf.

The chances are that if you would grab it off the shelf and be excited to read it. then other people would too. So always start with yourself, write something that will please you."

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