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Rat-catcher (#1 of Blade of the Capulets) (E-book)

Amanda Collins

Rat-catcher (#1 of Blade of the Capulets) (E-book)


Forbidden love, secrets and desires in a city of hate.

Verona. 1368. For all of his life, Tybalt Capulet, the best swordsman in Verona, has proudly served his family and aided them in the ancient feud against their rivals, the Montagues. So when his cousin falls in love with a Montague, things are bound to take a turn for the worse.

The scandalous love between Romeo and Juliet infuriates both families. The city’s ruler, Prince Escalus, is forced to make a vital decision. Enraged by everything happening around him, Tybalt sets out for revenge. He especially can’t stand the obvious glee of his arch enemy Mercutio. The young man has, despite his royal blood, seemingly made it his personal mission to torment Tybalt at any given chance.  

Then an old rumour resurfaces about a dark secret of the royal family. Tybalt is determined to use this to get rid of the ruling party. Yet he couldn’t have guessed how this information would affect friend and foe.  

Based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
A story through the eyes of Tybalt Capulet.


Mercutio cocked his head, a questioning look upon his cherubic face. “Now I am wounded,” he retorted, although his words did not sound sincere. “Here I had assumed you came to single me out.” 


Amanda Collins is the pseudonym of a Shakespeare-obsessed librarian who met her partner at their local theatre group. Blade of the Capulets was originally written as a birthday present for a friend and is her first published novel. 


Release date: September 15, 2018
ISBN: 978-94-92375-17-9
Number of pages: 229
Number of chapters: 23
Retail price: 2,50 (pdf) 


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